Mobile / Device Applications

Mobile devices are a part of almost any web strategy providing a convenient way for your customers to interact with your product or service.

We utilize modern web design techniques using html, css, and javascript along with the popular libraries and templates such as bootstrap, angular, and knockout.

If a mobile app is required we have published apps for Apple, Android and Windows using Xamarin cross platform tools.

Business Automation

A natural business flow is a continual effort to improve business processes.

Many times we can replace a manual task, report, transfer of data or other time consuming task into an automatic window, web or cloud service that runs automatically in the background.

Translating and moving data between different systems can be quick, efficient and accurate with logging and reporting to insure nothing is lost.

Cloud Applications / Services

In the past few years "cloud" has become more and more important and is quickly becoming a more reliable and lower cost alternative to in house equipment.

In the past companies have used shared hosting or co-located servers, primarily for website hosting. Over time, more companies are moving their infrastructure; storage, data, name services, and web services to managed "cloud" offerings supplied by Microsoft, Amazon and others.

Moving to these services also requires application software and systems to keep up utilizing different architectures where assumptions about the behavior of file systems and database servers is completely different.

Web Applications

Web application are an important part of any companies' strategy. We specialize in linking website to internal or external services important to your business.

Data Warehousing and Reporting

Data is a valuable asset so keeping it clean and storing it in a usable form is key. Automating processes to collect and prepare data then providing reporting and tracking of that data is important in any business.