Credit App to Tiff Windows Service


The customer is a document management company with a number of clients. One financial instutution has a system that collects credit applications at point of sale. For later customer service and reserch a searchable electronic copy is made available by the document management company. In the past these were paper documents scaned but to faciliatate the existing systems, a electonic replica what the paper would be is required.

The new system consists of a few new components:

  • Windows Service to convert the electronic app into a tiff
  • SQL Server data base that contains configuration, logging and transactions
  • An internal web based system to monitor the system and maintain the configurations
  • A SQL Reporting Server to help generate the doucments

Technologies used

  • Visual Studio 2013 / C#
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Entity Framework 4.5
  • ASP Net MVC 4


The electronic app arrives in a batch each day via a secure file transfer in a closed system. The app has both applicant and co-applicant information and encoded signatures. The service picks up this file at a designated time and also reports if a file is not received by pre-determined time. The file is imported then each app is rendered into a tiff format. As part of this the signature pad information is decoded and rendered onto the document. This batch is then posted to another internal system along with a batch file with search information for import into the document management system.

This system has been running since the end of 2014. Once initial problems were worked out this system has been running very reliably. One problem was when the main internal server storage had an undetected error. Because we had redundant data it was possible to reproduce a few days of documents.


A second document type is being added and expected to be in production in 2016.